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Digital Assignments 2021 
JanuaryIn the Dark of the NightImage easily identified as being be captured during the period of 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise.
FebruaryWinter in the Pacific NorthwestA captured image which is representative of living in the Pacific Northwest.
MarchLong Exposure Required > 1 secAn image captured using an exposure time of greater than 1 second required for low light conditions, to smooth out the flow of water or to show motion.
AprilSomething Old and Something NewAn Image whose subject is a comparison between old and new objects of similar type or function, for example a dial phone and a smart phone.
MayOn the Water or In the AirActivity or objects on the water or in the air.
JuneArchitectural PhotographyFrom Wikipedia, “Architectural photography is the subgenre of the photography discipline where the primary emphasis is made to capturing photographs of buildings and similar architectural structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate in terms of representations of their subjects.“.
JulyFourth of JulyAn image captured of activities, decorations, celebrations associated with the Fourth of July holiday.
AugustOn or From the FarmAn image captured of farmland, structures, animals or of the activities in the production of agriculture products.
SeptemberIdentified with Washington StateA captured image of object, activity, or person(s) identified with Washington State. Examples: Washington State Ferries, Starbucks Coffee, Mount Rainier, Floating Bridges, Fish tossing in the Pike Street Market, etc.
OctoberLooking through a Window or DoorwayAn image captured from either side of the window or doorway (inside or outside). Window or doorway could be in a structure, vehicle, boat, airplane, etc.
NovemberWide Angle ImagesAn image captured with an angle of view 55 degrees or more. For a full frame sensor camera, an image captured at a focal length of 35 mm or less, for a APS-C sensor camera, an image captured at a focal length of 24 degrees or less and for a micro four thirds sensor camera, an image capture at a focal length of 17 mm.
DecemberNo Assignment (holiday party)

Note that Print Assignment images can be submitted at Digital Night with the code “AP”. If you do enter a Print Assignment at Digital Night, you can’t enter a Print Assignment image at Print Night that month. Other print categories are OK.

Print Assignments 2021 
JanuaryWhimsyPlayful, fun or humorous image
FebruaryHandsImage of hands in everyday life
MarchDramatic sky or cloudsCloudscape or sunset or other sky scene outside the ordinary.
AprilPastelsAnything in pastel colors
MayMinimalistAn image containing only essential
JulyStillnessAn image conveying a feeling of stillness or quiet.
AugustMoving waterMay be natural or human caused
SeptemberRepeating patterns in natureAny form or line in nature that repeats
OctoberMultiple exposuresCreated in camera or in photoshop
NovemberAutumn beautyAnything the maker finds beautiful in autumn (need not be colorful leaves).
DecemberNo Assignment (holiday party)