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Digital Assignments 2023
JanuaryConveying a feeling or impression with the color blue“The color blue represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence.”
FebruaryWaterDrops, falls, rivers, lakes, rain, fog, ice….
MarchMake it SimplerUse a longer lens, get closer, crop in, or reframe a composition—removing distractions to emphasize the subject.
AprilSpringAn image for the season.
MayTell a StoryAn image providing a sense of place as it conveys a story.
JuneSlow DownStretch a bit and try something new by creating a long exposure image, either for the first time, using a different technique, or unfamiliar subject.
JulySignsColorful, interesting, ironic, neon, fun…
AugustDifferent Point of ViewCommon object, place or process showing a different perspective.
SeptemberCreative BacklightCreate an image with a backlit subject.
OctoberPatterns in NatureAnimate or inanimate—just not a result of civilization’s touch.
NovemberEntrancesConstructed or in nature. Doors, arches, mouths (people, animals, caves..), passageways…
DecemberNo Assignment (holiday party)
Print Assignments 2023
JanuaryHoliday Lights
FebruaryYellowA photo where yellow is the prominent color.
MarchDiptych or TriptychA grouping of two or three images that relate to each other in some way. You can either mount two or three separate prints on one backing or print the images as a group. The overall size of the piece cannot exceed 16x20 inches.
AprilRainAn image where rain either is the subject or has an obvious effect on the subject.
MayPortrait of a FlowerAn image where a single flower is the prominent subject in the frame.
JuneNo Print Night in JuneYear End Awards and Party
JulyCemeteries and/or Headstones
AugustBicycles, Tricycles, Unicycles, etc.An image where a bicycle, tricycle, or unicycle or other pedaled conveyance is the prominent subject.
SeptemberAfter DarkA photo taken at nighttime or a dark space.
OctoberPanorama – Horizontal or VerticalFor the sake of this assignment, a panorama is defined as having a long side at least twice as long as the short side. Print size rules can be found at
NovemberFall LeavesAn image of a single leaf or group of leaves
DecemberNo Assignment (holiday party)