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Digital Image Submissions

Digital images must be e-mailed by midnight the Wednesday before Digital Night.

Email entries to The images shall be submitted as email attachments, not as inserts (pictures) in the e-mail body of the text.

Members can submit up to two (2) digital images. They can be in any category. 

Formatting for Submission:
1) Resize image not to exceed a maximum width of 1920 pixels AND a maximum height of 1200 pixels high. The resolution of the submitted image should not be less than 125 pixels per inch to ensure the best projection quality.
2) Save file in a JPEG (jpg, jpeg) format at the highest quality setting (either “maximum” or #12). The images may be optionally submitted in the non-lossy PNG, Portable Network Graphics, format if they meet the width, height and resolution requirements of requirement number 1.

Failure to resize your image correctly can lead to a poorly displayed image and can negatively affect the judging score.

Note: if you have difficulties with correctly resizing your images for submission, you may send full-sized JPEGs. Note that the larger file sizes may cause issues with your email provider. You may send your submissions in separate emails if necessary. 

Digital File Naming Conventions:
Each filename will consist of three sections separated by hyphens:
Prefix-Title-Makers name.jpg

The Prefix is either:
“A” for Assignments
“CA” for Creative/Altered
“C” for Creatures
“O” for Open Category
“M” for Monochrome
“U” for Unjudged
The image Title will use spaces between the words: “Artists Point Lupine”
The maker’s Full Name will be entered (space between first and last names): “Joe Smith”
Hyphenate only between each section to minimize confusion for the projectionist and scorekeeper. Please use hyphens (-), not underscores (_).

File Name Examples:

  • Assignment:  A–Artists Point Lupine–Joe Smith.jpg
  • Creatures: C–Wombats in Love–Joe Smith.jpg
  • Open:  O–Artists Point Lupine–Joe Smith.jpg
  • Monochrome: M–Shades of Gray-Joe Smith.jpg
  • Creative/Altered:  CA–Weird Colors–Joe Smith.jpg
  • Unjudged:  U–Artist Point Lupine–Joe Smith.jpg

Each category will be judged separately by three judges. Each judge will assign a score of 1 to 9. The announcer/tabulator combines the judges’ individual scores (27 points maximum) and announces the maker’s name and score after comments are made by an experienced photographer.