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Duties of the Digital Director

Digital Projection Night:

The Digital Director collects the digital print submissions from the submission inbox and confirming that they are in the correct format and are named correctly. If any are wrong, the director can, at his or her discretion, make the correction or contact the member requesting a corrected image.

The director creates a tally sheet of the submissions, arranged by Category (assignment, open, creative/altered, creatures, monochrome). The tally sheet is then brought to the meeting.

The downloaded digital images need to be arranged into a slideshow using appropriate software, then transferred to a disk or USB device to be brought to the club. The slideshow should be in the same order as the tally sheet.

The director is responsible for finding three judges and a commentator for the evening. The commentator should be selected prior to the meeting. Judges can either be preselected or recruited during the meeting. See judge and commentator guidelines for more information.

The director is responsible for the setting up of the judging system per setup instructions.

As the images are projected, the director calls out the title (not the maker’s name, however). As the images are judged, the director writes the individual and collective scores on tally sheet. They then call out the title again, as well as the maker’s name and the final score.

After the digital images have been judged, they are shown again to allow attendees to choose their favorites from each category. These are tallied on judging slips that are then collected and tabulated, the totals being transferred to the tally sheet.

The completed tally sheet is then e-mailed to the newsletter editor.

The digital images garnering a score of 22 or higher are also e-mailed to the newsletter editor as well as the webmaster for inclusion in the members’ gallery.


The Digital Director will compile next year’s digital assignments. These are submitted to the board prior to the June Annual Meeting. These will be compiled along with the print assignments and sent to the webmaster for posting.

Year-End Print Awards:

Eligible images are those that have been entered at the May meeting of the previous year through April of the current year. Digital entries are collected by the end of April and are given to an outside club or other suitable group for judging.  This must be done well in advance of the annual meeting so that ribbons can be made up for the winners. The Digital Director will present awards at the Annual Dinner. A list of awards is approved by the board for that year for each competition.