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Duties of the Print Director

Print Night:

The Print Director oversees the setup of the room. Normal arrangement is as follows:

Three tables are set up for members’ print evaluations.

Each table has an easel, a lamp, and a pair of cotton gloves.

One table is set up to receive club members’ entries.

This table is covered with the tablecloth. A stack of scoring slips and a stack of commentary forms are put out along with blue tape. Be sure each entry has each form, fully filled out. Prints are placed face-down in three equal piles. Stacks are made regardless of whether the print is assignment, open, creatures, or creative/altered.

Note that we no longer use the scoring slips for judging, but we still need them in order to have a record of all entries for the evening. The list of entries is included in the next club newsletter.

Note: if there are fewer than fifteen entries, reduce the tables from three to two.

The judges’ table and the evaluation tables each get a stack of prints. As each table finishes its stack, it is rotated to the next table. By the end of the evening, every table has processed every image. A print runner is in charge of rotating the prints and making sure they all get processed. White gloves must be worn by everyone handling prints.

Each evaluation table group designates a scribe – someone to record comments made by the group members about each print as it is displayed on the easel. The scribe should read back the comments to the commentator to ensure accuracy.

The Print Director or another designated person needs to collect all of the scoring slips and provide them to the newsletter editor. 

After all of the prints have been processed, they are placed face up on the four tables in the back of the room. All attendees are invited to vote for their favorite color print and favorite monochrome print. Voting is done by placing a provided slip of paper under their favorites. The Print Director will then tally the slips to determine Most Popular Color and Most Popular Monochrome prints. The results are sent to the newsletter editor along with the scoring slips.

The Print Director needs to encourage the print makers to send in digital versions for inclusion in the next newsletter.


The Print Director will submit the next year’s print assignments to the board prior to the June Annual Meeting. These will be compiled along with the digital assignments and sent to the webmaster for posting.

Year-End Print Awards:

Eligible prints are those that have been entered at the May meeting of the previous year through April of the current year. Prints are collected by the end of April and are given to an outside club or other suitable group for judging.  This must be done well in advance of the annual meeting so that ribbons can be made up for the winners. The Print Director will present awards at the Annual Dinner and return all entered prints to their maker. A list of awards is approved by the board for that year for each competition.

Northwest Council of Camera Clubs competitions:

As a member of the NWCCC, the PSCC participates in the two major competitions put on by the council: the Traveling Print Salon and the Open Print Salon. Rules and deadlines are detailed on the NWCCC website.