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Judging System

The PSCC Judging system consists of the following:

A laptop computer running the RMF Camera Club Judging System software.

A plastic case with the following:

  • A USB hub, data cable, power adapter.
  • Three USB numeric keypads and USB extension cables.
  • Three USB LED lights.

To set up the system, the laptop needs to be plugged in to a power strip.

The USB hub is connected via the data cable. The power adapter needs to be plugged into both the hub and the power strip.

The extension cables need to be plugged into the hub and the numeric keypads into the extension cables. On Digital Night, when the lights are off, you need to plug the LED lights into the USB ports at the top of the keypads. Put a keypad on each of the judge’s chairs.

Once everything is plugged in, start the software on the laptop (icon is on the desktop).

The “RMF Judging System Startup Options” screen will pop up. The following options should be selected:

RMF Judging Options

With the keypads plugged in, click on the Setup Keypads button.

Go to the first keypad and press a key (0-9 only). The yellow box for Judge 1 should turn green and read “Keypad Assigned”. Do this for the other two keypads. Make a note of which chair has which keypad in case you need to remind a judge to vote.

Press the space bar on the laptop to complete setup.

Click on the Start Voting button.

As each judge enters their score, their box will turn green. When all three judges vote, their scores will be displayed along with the total. Note: if the judge is voting on their own or their spouse’s image, they enter 0 as their score. The software will average the other two votes to create a score. If a judge makes an error, click on the Restart Voting button and have everyone revote.

Troubleshooting: occasionally, a keypad will lose connectivity. You can usually tell of the amber light on the keypad goes out. If this happens, unplug and replug the keypad and the extension cable. You will need to restart the RMF software and go through the keypad setup process again. Try to keep the same keypads assigned to the same chairs.