Paul and Shirley Kovac Award for Creativity.

This award is created out of affection and respect for the late Paul and Shirley Kovac, former members of the club, remembered for their skilled, innovative photography as well as their service to the club.

The award, to be presented annually at the club’s awards banquet in June, will consist of an engraved plaque bearing the winner’s name, the title of the award and the year in which it the award is presented.

The award is to honor exceptional creativity in digital photography.

That creativity can be demonstrated by elements of any of the following attributes: imagination, novelty, ingeniousness, inspiration, freshness, inventiveness, vision, fantasy, resourcefulness, cleverness and unique artistic expression.

Only members of the PSCC enrolled at the time their entries are submitted are eligible for the award. Members are limited to one entry per year.

Members seeking to be considered for the award in 2019, must submit, no later than midnight May 11, 2019, a single jpg or png file containing their entry. The submission deadline for future years will be announced in the February newsletter of that year. The entry is to be submitted by email to The email should specifically state that it is an entry for the Kovac Award

Although the raw material for an entry must be one or more photographs taken by the entrant, no restriction is placed on the editing, processing, enhancement, alteration, manipulation or modification used to create the finished presentation.

Multiple photographs may be used as elements in the creation of an entry – such as in a triptych, sequence, composite or collage – but the finished entry must be presented as a single jpg or png file not to exceed a maximum width of 1920 pixels and a maximum height of 1200 pixels.

Entries for the 2019 Kovac Award must include, but not be limited to, photographs taken no earlier than January 1, 2018. In subsequent years, entries must include, but not be limited to, photographs taken no earlier than the deadline date for the previous year’s Kovac Award.

Judging of entries will be done by a judge approved by the PSCC board. The judge shall not be a current or former member of PSCC.

The PSCC president will designate a club member to convey the entries to the competition judge, and to receive the judge’s decision in time for the award plaque to be engraved and presented at the club’s annual awards banquet.

In addition to selecting the entry to receive the Kovac Award, the judge – at his or her discretion – may designate up to two other entries for Honorable Mention.  Recipients of Honorable Mention designations will receive award certificates.