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Print Submissions

Print submission is limited to PSCC members, but visitors are invited to participate in the commentating process as described below.

Click here for the PSCC Print Night Form. Please separate the two parts before attaching them to your print. The Print Comment Form goes home with you, the Print Judging Form is collected by the Print Director.

Prints should be submitted by 6:45 PM to allow time for sorting and score sheet preparation. The Print Director reserves the right to refuse submissions after the start of the meeting. Absentee members may have another member submit prints for them.

The print competition is comprised of six categories:

Click on the links for definitions.

Each printmaker may submit a total of three (3) prints. They may be in any of the categories. Any digital image previously entered into a monthly competition may be made into a print and become eligible for the yearly print competition.

Prints must be neatly and securely mounted and/or matted (but not framed). Prints need to be mounted and/or matted (but not framed) prior to the meeting. Precut foam-core board and tape will be provided at the meeting if necessary. Please remove your image at the end of the meeting so the board can be reused.  

The actual image area of each print must be at least 64 square inches.

Non-panorama prints must be mounted onto a mat board that ranges in size from 8×8 inches to 16×20 inches.

Rule Concerning Panorama Prints:
Panorama prints can be up to 24” wide, but no higher than 12”. Vertical panoramas can be up to 24” high, but no wider than 12”. You must provide your own backing which can be up to 14″ x 26″. 
Note: if you intend to participate in the Northwest Council of Camera Club’s annual Traveling Print Salon or the annual Open Print Salon, you are limited to 20 inches on the long edge as the print has to fit in our print case (16″ x 20″ maximum). 

Prints are to be marked on the back of the mat board near the top with:

  • Maker’s name
  • Print title
  • Category
  • An arrow indicating the top of the print.


In addition to this information, a Print Comment Form and a Print Judging Form need to be attached to the back of the print. A downloadable PDF containing both forms can be downloaded here: PSCC Print Night Form. Please print, fill out, and separate the two halves of the PDF before attaching to the print. 

Each print will be judged by three judges chosen by the Print Director. Each judge can award one to nine (1–9) points for a maximum cumulative total of twenty-seven (27) points. Judges will not be permitted to score their own prints or that of their spouse/significant other. The scorekeeper records the judges’ individual scores (27 maximum) and tabulates the score for inclusion in the next InFocus newsletter. Click here for more information about PSCC’s scores.

Prints submitted during the year (May of one year through April of the next) are eligible for our Year End Competition awards.

Commentating Process

All attendees to Print Night are invited to participate in the commentating process. Everyone is organized around tables and asked to make comments about each print as it is presented on a lit easel. A designated scribe records the comments on the comment slip that the maker has attached to the back of the print. At the end of the evening, each print will have been judged and scored and the maker is provided with a sheet of comments about their print.

Most Popular Prints

At the end of the evening, all of the prints will be laid out in the back of the room. All attendees, including visitors, are invited to vote for their favorite color print and their favorite monochrome print. The winners will be reported in the next InFocus.

Note: The Print Director or Newsletter Editor may request a digital version of your print for inclusion in the next InFocus newsletter if it scored particularly well or was voted most popular.

Questions about submitting prints or the assignments may be directed to the Print Director.