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PSCC Year End Awards

The next Year End Award presentation will be on June 26, 2023

Click here for a slideshow featuring the 2021-22 Year End winners.

The Puget Sound Camera Club’s fiscal year ends in June of each year. We use this opportunity to have our annual meeting where officers are elected and awards are given for photographic achievement. In advance of this meeting, members are encouraged to enter their best images from the previous year to be judged by others outside the club. Based on these findings, awards are given out in a variety of categories.

The list of awards include:

Rules for Entry:

Digital images and prints that were entered during the previous May through April are eligible to be entered in the Year End competition. Each member is allowed to submit up to three images in each medium:

A total of three (3) entries are allowed for digital images. They may have been entered in any of the Digital categories (Assignment, Open, Creatures, Monochrome, Creative/Altered).

A total of three (3) entries are allowed for prints. They can be either color or monochrome. They may have been entered in any of the Print categories (Assignment, Open, Creatures, Creative/Altered). 

Note: the entries need to be entered in the same medium they were originally entered in. If you entered them as prints during the year, you need to enter them as prints in the year end competition. If they were entered as digital images, you need to enter them in the digital year end competition.

In addition, two (2) entries are allowed for the Ray Thorsteinson Photojournalism Award and
one (1) entry is allowed for the Paul and Shirley Kovac Award for Creativity