Smart Phone/Tablet Photography

A trial Smart Phone/Tablet Category will available to PSCC club members for Digital Night submissions in the months of January, February, and March, 2019. During the smart phone/tablet category trial period, each member may submit a single smart phone/tablet captured image for both judging and commentary. Smart Phone/Tablet First Place and Most Popular Certificates will be awarded during the trial period. For the purposes of judging and commentary the submitted Smart phone/tablet images shall be considered as Open category images.All submitted images in the Smart Phone/Tablet Category shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Be captured using a smart phone or tablet with an internal camera.
  2. Post processing of the image must be accomplished in the smart phone or tablet using internal photography application(s).
  3. Be sent directly from smart phone/tablet as a JPEG/JPG or PNG formatted E-mail attachment to: with Subject Field titled: Smart Phone Entry and with the name of the maker and title of the image in the text field of the E-mail.

It is recommended that the submitted smart phone/tablet images be captured at the highest quality/resolution setting available in the smart phone or tablet. As with all digital night submissions, the smart phone/tablet images will be normalized (1920 x 1200 pixels) by the digital director for optimal digital projection viewing.

During the Smart Phone/Tablet category trial period, the current Digital Night submission rules are revised to allow a smart phone/tablet submission plus single images submitted from two of the four existing digital night categories (Assignment, Altered Reality, Creatures, Open) or a smart phone/tablet submission in addition two images submissions from any single category.

At the completion of the Smart Phone/Table Category trial, a member survey will be conducted to determine if there is interest in having smart phone/tablet images as additional digital submission category or to retain the current rules allowing digital night submissions in any of the existing four judging/commentary categories captured without regard to the type of camera used or method of post processing.