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Traveling Image Salon April Link

It is time to vote on the 2024 Traveling Image Salon entries from F:67 Camera Club.
Votes are due by April 30.

The link to the images is:

Click on an image thumbnail to view it full size. Please view all images full screen first. When you know which five you want to vote for, press esc on the upper left of your keyboard to return to the thumbnails. On a touch device, tap the arrows at the bottom of the image. Whenever possible, we recommend that you view the images on a larger screen, such as a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

To vote, go to and check the boxes for your five favorites. Voting criteria should be based on the elements of Impact/Interest, Composition, Originality/Creativity and Technical Quality. The form requires that you vote for exactly five selections. Any more or less than five and it won't let you proceed.

Note that the form asks for an email address. This is to ensure eligibility and to prevent duplicate voting. Your email address is not collected for any other purpose, nor is it associated with the final vote tally. Both you and NWCCC webmaster Henry Heerschap will receive an email confirming your vote. Henry will send the vote tally to the competition directors at the end of each month

If you have questions or run into problems, please contact Henry at

Upcoming Art Shows - Opportunities to Show Your Work

Edmonds Arts Festival Gallery Artists Applications Open Online

Gallery Arts invites regional artists to submit their art for consideration for inclusion in three galleries – the Small Works Marketplace, the Photography and Digital Arts Gallery, and the Main Gallery. Online applications will close Monday, April 29th at 10pm. Entry fee is $22 per entry. More information can be found at

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